About Lone Wolf Yeti Books
  • About Lone Wolf Yeti Books – We are all about fun, adventure, learning, exploring, friendship, growing, and a little bit of magic!  Our children’s books are educational, but the lessons are not so obvious unless you are looking for them.  Most of the time, I will include a page detailing the lessons in the book if you want to share them with your children, but the stories can also be read as is for the younger ones.  I also have an adult book just launching with more to follow.  On the adult side, I will be providing the chance to consult one on one with me as well as participate in online courses designed to help people who have been victims or gone through trauma become victorious!  It is my hope that you and your children enjoy my books and my real life story and find that all you need is to believe and the magic will happen.  May God bless you abundantly.